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In Partnership With Registered Practitioners

Formulated for Chiropractors today, to help you grow into tomorrow…

Practitioner Exclusive

Chirogenix is more than a supplement provider. We partner with registered Practitioners to support and assist in growing your practice by providing resources, education and exceptionally high-quality, effective supplements, specifically formulated for your patients.

We care about credibility, yours and ours. Each Chirogenix product is manufactured to the highest standards, using specialised pharmaceutical facilities in South Africa. Our raw materials are sourced from ISO9001 validated suppliers globally, to meet both our practitioners’ standards, as well as ours.

As a healthcare practitioner, your practice growth is limited to the amount of hours available to treat. Chirogenix offers practitioners an additional income resource. Suggested retail prices and online patient subscriptions provide the additional income practitioners require to support their practice growth strategies.

Whatever goes into our formulae is exactly what you’ll find on our labels. We take patients’ health seriously.

Our Online Store

Convenient. Simple. Transparent.

Capture your growth potential

  • Chirogenix has developed tools that allow you to order in-practice stock  through a single secure portal that is convenient and user-friendly – providing a real-time dashboard for total transparency and up-to-date reconciliation.
  • Personal login details provide a safe and secure platform for ordering, monitoring and making payments.
  • Our online store allows you to drive repeat sales through patient subscriptions, providing a safe and user-friendly online supplement ordering process – giving your patients the peace of mind and convenience of having their monthly supplements delivered directly to their door.
  • Each online subscription provides additional practitioner revenue through our practitioner-exclusive rebate process.
  • The patient MyAccount page allows patients to pause, cancel or renew their subscriptions at anytime – now that’s transparency.
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