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About Chirogenix

Chirogenix is more than just healthcare supplements—it’s a commitment to optimising bone and joint health for every stage of life. Exclusively available through our network of medical practitioners and health & fitness professionals, our range includes Advanced Joint Care, Magnesium Plus and Omega 3. Tailored for both everyday wellness and peak athletic performance, Chirogenix ensures you can stay active and vibrant, no matter your age or activity level.

Advanced Joint Care

This comprehensive daily supplement and advanced joint health formula combines Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Boswellia and Turmeric Extract to help promote a healthy inflammatory response, support healthy cartilage tissue and encourage easy, comfortable joint function.

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Magnesium Plus

Chirogenix Magnesium Plus is a cutting-edge magnesium supplement designed to address various magnesium related deficiencies. With a unique formulation featuring magnesium glycinate, magnesium bis-glycinate chelate and magnesium citrate, Chirogenix Magnesium Plus works to restore magnesium to optimum levels as well as to support bone, joint, breast, heart, colon and immune health.

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Marine Oil Omega 3

Chirogenix Marine Oil Omega 3 Caps is a concentrated fish oil made from carefully selected fish – mainly from sardine, anchovy and mackerel. Fatty fish varieties such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and trout are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to encourage the production of chemicals that help control inflammation in the joints, bloodstream, and tissues.

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Why a joint supplement

Over time, the health of your bones and joints deteriorates. It might be that you want to maintain an active lifestyle, but aches and pains in the knees and other joints make it painful to run or even just to walk. The cartilage in these joints may have worn down over the years. Cartilage also forms your tendons (which join muscle to bone) and ligaments (which join muscle to muscle) so it’s important that you keep the body’s cartilage in working order.

In extreme cases, patients have to resort to cortisone or anti-inflammatory drug injections, or even joint replacement surgery. Healthy bones and joints give you a strong foundation for protection against age-related deterioration, allowing you to stay mobile and independent. Specialised bone and joint supplements help strengthen and protect bones, and provide relief from pain and inflammation.

Taking a joint supplement regularly may spare you the pain (and cost) of all these other drastic procedures – allowing your body to produce new cartilage in the joints, or to produce more of the naturally-occurring lubricants in your joints.

4 Reasons why we should all take Chirogenix Advanced Joint Care

Helps inhibit inflammatory factors to support joint health

Supports joint comfort & mobility

Helps support & maintain healthy cartilage levels

Promotes joint & connective tissue health

Chirogenix Fuels Your Bones and Joints for an Ageless Active Lifestyle.


You’ve been asking some questions… so we’ve put together some answers.

It’s always important to ask the right questions when it comes to your health and what you’re essentially putting into your body. Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive from our patients. (Remember to always consult your practitioner before taking any dietary or health supplements)

Are these supplements safe for long-term use?

Absolutely! Both our Chirogenix Advanced Joint Care and Omega 3 supplements are formulated for long-term use. Remember, these are not medications or drugs used for the treatment of ailments but are natural health care and dietary supplements used to prevent or alleviate symptoms caused by muscoskeletal disorders or injuries.

What are the key ingredients and their main benefits?

The Chirogenix range of supplements is formulated with three key elements in mind.

1. Key Ingredient: Glucosamine
2. Repair and Prevention: Chondroitin & Methionine
3. Pain Relief, Antioxidants, Anti-inflammatories: MSM, Boswellia, Curcumin, Quercetin & Bromelain

How long does it take to see a noticeable difference once you start taking Chirogenix?

Patients have recorded a noticeable difference in joint pain levels from as early as 1 week however we always advise that patients take the supplements for a period of 3 months to feel the full effect.

Is this supplement vegan?

No. The chondroitin used in our Advanced Joint Care supplement is bovine derived while the glucosamine is derived from shellfish. Our Omega 3 gel capsules are formulated using marine oils derived from wild caught fish and the fishing practices are regulated and certified by the Friends of the Sea organisation.

Is there anyone who should not take the Advanced Joint Care supplement?

Some supplements may interact with prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Taking glucosamine alone or in combination with the supplement chondroitin might increase the effects of the anticoagulant warfarin-therefore we always suggest patients currently taking chronic medication or blood thinners chat to their GP’s before taking any dietary supplement, not only Chirogenix.

Who is Chirogenix for?

Chirogenix is a range of healthcare supplements exclusively available through our network of medical practitioners and health & fitness professionals. Our range includes Advanced Joint Care and Marine Oil Omega 3, with a focus on bone and joint health. Perfectly suited for anyone over the age of 18, these supplements can be used for both preventative and supportive care-whether you’re a budding sportsman or suffering from joint pain and discomfort…Chirogenix is for everyone.

Can I take the daily recommended dose in one sitting?

The daily recommended serving of the Advanced Joint Care as well as the Omega 3 gel capsules can be taken in one sitting as long as you have had a good-hearty meal beforehand. Whether you take the full daily serving in one sitting or throughout the day is based on your personal preference.

Can I give my pet Chirogenix?

Our Chirogenix supplements are not formulated for pet use. We suggest that you discuss animal-specific products with your veterinarian, who will provide professional advice and may be able to recommend an appropriate veterinary treatment to assist in your pet’s health.