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The human body is an amazing thing, capable of incredible feats – but thanks to our ever-changing world and advances in technology, we find ourselves putting our bodies at risk trying to keep up with the latest trends or bent over the newest devices.

Did you know?

Over 600 million working days are lost in Europe each year due to ill health, with 40-50% of these relating to muscoskeletal disorders and more than 60 million Americans reported an episode of back related pain in 2018.

It’s no surprise that office workers and back pain are synonymous. Whether It’s due to incorrect office furniture, uncomfortable chairs or bad posture due to hunkering down over your laptop and smart phone for 9 hours a day…back pain and strain on your neck and shoulders is inevitable. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about the good ol’ 9 to 5 but we can definitely make our working conditions a lot more bearable and reduce the amount of pressure we’re putting on our bodies.

The American Chiropractic Association has estimated that over 80 percent of workers will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. The constant need to hunch our shoulders and stare into the abyss of our flickering phone screens while we scroll mindlessly through to the next ‘story’ forces our bodies to take an unnatural position – resulting in a variety of both short- and long-term health issues. Let’s not forget the added strain of having to hold up a head that weighs almost 6kg all day every day – talk about an unwanted gym sesh!

In order to keep our bodies functioning optimally and avoiding the aches and pains associated with long periods of inactivity at our desks, there’s a few things we can do to help ease the stress put on our body:

  1. Don’t cross your legs – Sitting with your legs crossed can put strain on your pelvis, lower back and hips.
  2. Get moving! – Taking brief walks will assist with blood flow and posture and ultimately helps with muscle tension.
  3. Look into office ergonomics – If you’re battling with back, shoulder and neck strain brought on by unsupportive office furniture you may want to look into lumbar support cushions, footrests or even adjustable monitor stands.
  4. Be mindful – when sitting for long periods of time or hunching over your phone, be mindful of the position your body is in.

Other than the external changes you can make to your body to assist in relieving back, shoulder and neck pain…we need to consider what we can do internally. Taking a high-quality joint care supplement can assist in not only the preventative treatment of bone and joint degradation but as a supportive treatment for existing ailments and injuries too.

The Chirogenix Advanced Joint Care supplement is a comprehensive daily supplement and advanced joint health formula combining Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Boswellia and Turmeric Extract to help promote a healthy inflammatory response, support healthy cartilage tissue and encourage easy, comfortable joint function.

4 major reasons to take Chirogenix:

  1. Helps inhibit inflammatory factors to support joint health
  2. Supports joint comfort and mobility
  3. Helps support and maintain healthy cartilage levels
  4. Promotes joint and connective tissue health

When you provide your bones and joints with all the key nutrients they need to stay healthy, age becomes just a number.

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